Funeral Information


This is a Guide Book to help you in planning a Funeral in our Parishes please click here.                 

These are the Reading Selections for our Funerals at our Parishes please click here.

Please be sure to read the Planning a Funeral in our Parish Guide Book, especially if you are not using a Funeral Home at the death of your loved one. Our Funeral Reading Selection Guide Book will help you choose your readings for the Funeral Mass. Please print out the back page with all of your selection -including the names of the readers and gift bearers. You can fax this to our Parish Office at 978-526-4335 or send it as an email attachment, this completed form and music selections needs to be received the day before the arrangements will take place.

Church Fee for a Funeral Mass is $300.00

Organist Fee is $300.00 - Cantor is $150.00

Please contact the Parish Office with any questions you might have in making these arrangements.