Faith Formation February Update

Faith Formation
February Update!
General Information
We thank you for your patience and understanding as this has been and will be an ongoing process in the year to come.
If you have not yet registered with us, please be sure to fill out and send them our way! Online registration for Faith Formation is always open.
Please see below for our 4th month of lessons and details on your specific grade level. 

Our Religious Ed. Registration:


 Know that Masses have resumed with measures in place to keep you and your family safe and healthy.
Currently, we have one Virtual Mass that is published on our Youtube channelwebsite and Facebook page every Saturday afternoon. 
We also invite you to celebrate Mass at Sacred Heart church which takes place on Sunday morning.
However, due to safety measures we have limited seating and kindly ask you to sign-up via our website to ensure a spot.
Thank you to all those who continue to join us on Zoom! We want to remind you to please complete the lesson with your student prior to meeting online- remember, you are the greatest teachers of faith for your children. We ask that you continue in the activity books through the month of February. The resource is organized by monthly activities and topics and is meant for children aged 5-12 and their parents. Activities can be chosen and expanded depending on the age and interest of your child/children. As a reminder, once a month we will meet on Zoom to talk about the new and interesting items you learned together (below you will find the schedule). We will share our favorite prayers, activities and points. Parents are more than welcome to attend with your child:
 "While parents may participate with their children, they must be logged on from the same account as their children (RCAB Guidelines)"
If you have not received a set of books, please email us at: [email protected] to schedule a time.
We thank you ahead of time for your patience and understand as we forge a new road together.

K-5 Zoom Schedule
6-8 EDGE
Thank you to those who joined us on Zoom for class! Below you will find all the necessary components for our third EDGE lesson. We ask that you and your teen(s) please experience these lessons together as a family. All Faith Formation will be taking place online this upcoming year for the safety of you and your family. As a reminder, once a month instructions and materials will be sent to you (via email) to complete lessons at home- we will also meet once a month on Zoom to process your lesson (below you find the schedule). Thank you always for your patience and understanding. 

4th EDGE Lesson
EDGE Zoom Schedule
9-10 Confirmation
Thank you to all those who continue to join us on Zoom for Confirmation Class! Below you will find both the video and discussion questions for our fourth Confirmation class. We invite you to watch, experience and discuss with your teen(s). Just as a reminder, once a month we will send you (via email) all videos and questions required for discussion- we will also meet once a month on Zoom where we will discuss the questions provided (below you will find the schedule). We realize this is not the most optimal solution to preparing for such an important Sacrament, however, your safety is our first propriety. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your family. 

4th Youth Alpha Video
4th Youth Alpha Discussion Questions

Confirmation Zoom Schedule

We are excited to announce that we will be holding the Sacrament of Confirmation for both last year's students and this year's on June 12th, 2021 at 3:30pm with Mass following at 5:30pm. As of right now, due to our guidelines and restrictions, this Sacrament will only be experienced by the Confirmandi, sponsor and immediate family. A big part of our Faith Formation program is Mass, which is currently being offered both in person (sign up on our website via sign-up genius) and virtually on our Youtube channel every Saturday evening. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding through these challenging times. 
General Reminders

At Sacred Heart and Saint John Parishes, we are always accepting new enrollments, and would love to have new families join the faith voyage we have embarked on this year.
The religious education faith journey really starts during Mass on Sundays, which is currently being offered both in person (sign up on our website via sign-up genius) and virtually on our Youtube channel every Saturday evening; it opens you, and your children’s minds to reflecting on the topics talked about during our lessons- and the teaching shouldn’t start and stop at Mass.
We should always be talking with our children about what ideas were discussed in class and build from that to be a tool for strengthening our relationship with Christ.