Change of Mass Schedule for the months of July and August in our Parishes...

Jul 6, 2017

For a couple of months now, the Sacred Heart and St John’s Combined Parish Pastoral Council has been discussing the idea of having just one Saturday Mass during the summer months of July and August. 

This idea came about for a few reasons.

 Last year the temporary summer closure of St John’s for renovations resulted in a single Saturday afternoon Mass at Sacred Heart at 5pm. This seemed to worked well. Neither attendance or donations were down as a result.

These are the months in which our Pastor and parish staff take some well deserved vacation weeks, the choir is on hiatus and generally the whole community is taking some time to relax and enjoy summer weekends.  Attendance at Mass on Saturday afternoon is low.

We asked for and received parishioner feedback.

After consideration of all opinions and some discussion, the Parish Council has voted to recommend to our Pastor that for July and August of this year, our parish have one Mass on Saturday and that Mass be at 4pm at St. John’s. 

It seems fair to alternate locations – if last year our Saturday Mass was at Sacred Heart then this year it should be at St John’s. Rather than change the scheduled time, it seems less open to confusion to leave that Mass at St. Johns at 4pm.   Please do not park in the Village Restaurant parking lot.  Park at the banks, the  Post Office, or in the parking lot behind the bank/fire station, around the edges- not in the center.

We consider that this recommendation is the simplest and fairest way to allow for a reduced schedule in July and August.   The 5.30pm Mass on Saturday at Sacred Heart will resume on the  weekend of September 9-10 We look forward to a great start, that weekend,  with our Community Celebration at Tucks Point.

 Please save the date  September 10 with Mass at 12 noon. and Remember that :

                                                                                  Kids Eat FREE !!!

We thank you for your input on this subject – as ever, we, the members of your parish council strive to reflect the goodwill and generosity of the Sacred Heart and St John’s faith community.